Mary Michelle’s Hemp Farming

Formed by the continent’s mighty Mississippi, Missouri and Illinois rivers, the Lower Illinois River Valley is a geological treasure in the heartland of America. Blessed with flat terrain, a richness in soil, and a nurturing climate providing ideal sunshine, moisture, and temperature, the valley’s fertility has provided for millennia. As the leader in the country’s soybean and corn production, Illinois is blessed as a growers' haven.

Mary Michelle Farms LLC is in one of the best growing areas in the US. The Lower Illinois River Valley. Illinois is the leading producer of Soybeans and the second largest producer of Corn in the US. The naturally growing conditions results in higher quality Full Spectrum Hemp Flowers. These flowers contain the naturally occurring compounds in hemp. Full-spectrum hemp oil is also known as whole-plant CBD.

There are over 560 chemical compounds created by the hemp plant. Over 105 of them are classified as cannabinoids, which are some of the active ingredients responsible for the therapeutic properties of the hemp plant.

Mary Michelle only uses naturally organic outdoor grown Hemp Flowers to make its Hemp Products. The Hemp Flower contains the 560 phytochemicals produced by the Hemp Plant. Its Flowers’ have very high levels of Cannabinoids, Flavonoids, Terpenes other phytochemicals that are extracted from the Flowers to make its Full Spectrum Hemp Oil used in its products. Mary Michelle’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oil products create a very relaxed, calm, and comfortable feeling. It can help with depression, anxiety, sleeping, inflammation, pain, and late-night trips to the bathroom.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil’s 560 phytochemicals produced by the Hemp Plant can create the Entourage Effect on the Endocannabinoid System, 24 hours per day if you use all the Mary Michelle products during the day and night.

Mary Michelle Farm’s goal is to be the Farm to End User (Customer) provider of high potency Full Spectrum Hemp Flower products. Because Mary Michelle sells only Hemp Products, and it is selling direct to the Consumer, it can provide the Consumer Excellent Quality for an excellent price.

Mary Michelle offers automatic reorders and those who subscribe for monthly refills save 8%.

Mary Michelle’s Water-Soluble Hemp Products

The reason why Mary Michelle’s Water-Soluble Full Spectrum Hemp Oil products creates a very relaxed, calm, and comfortable feeling is the Potency of the phytochemicals in Mary Michelle Flowers’ that are made Water-Soluble by turning the large Hemp Oil Molecules into nanosized molecules (denoting a very small item or size) that allows approximately 96% of the hemp oil molecules to be absorbed by the bloodstream in the stomach and go into the Endocannabinoid Cellular System and through the Brain Barrier to create Homeostasis in the human body. Homeostasis is a healthy state that is maintained by the constant adjustment of biochemical and physiological pathways within a human’s body. Mary Michelle’s Water-Soluble Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Products creates the stimulus to get the body back to equilibrium along with numerous other health benefits.