Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Gel Caps

The Gel Caps are 25 mgs of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil in Hemp Seed Oil. It is the same as our Tincture and acts relatively fast. When using a Gel Cap, it is much easier than using a tincture and much more convenient for the elderly adults. The dosage is premeasured and all that is needed is a glass of water to swallow the Gel Cap. The Gel Cap is small and easy to swallow.

The oil gets metabolized through the Liver into the bloodstream and the brain barrier. Usually, the effects of Liver metabolization is within 30 minutes after taking the Gel Cap. If a large amount of food was eaten before taking the Gel Cap, metabolization will take longer.

Take the Gel Cap approximately one hour before going to bed.

The Gel Caps 25 mg Hi-Potency Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is a true full spectrum hemp extract that can provide relief from life’s pains and troubles. The Gel Cap’s 25 mgs Hemp Flower Oil in Hemp Seed Oil is from CO high potency hemp flowers used by the manufacture of the Gel Caps.

There are 30 25 mgs Gel Caps in each bottle. 750 MG of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

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