Sparkling Raspberry Water

Our unique water-soluble technology helps reduce the onset time and increase absorption for maximum effect. The water-soluble technology allows the Sparkling Water to be processed in the stomach and absorbed directly into the bloodstream and through the brain barrier to the area of the brain that provides relaxation and calmness.

It is made with Water Soluble Full Spectrum Distillate, which means it has all the phytochemicals produced by the hemp plant except the Terpenes.

25 mgs Full Spectrum Distillate Hemp Oil per bottle.
12 bottles to a case. Note: Price includes a $7.24 per case handling fee for the wrapping and specialized packaging to ensure that your order arrives safely.

$37.24 or Original price was: $37.24.Current price is: $34.26. / month

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Less than 130 lbs 11 mg or less 12 mg – 14 mg 15 mg – 17 mg
130 – 230 lbs. 18 mg or less 19 mg – 23 mg 24 mg – 27 mg
More than 230 lbs. 23 mg or less 24 mg – 30 mg 31 mg – 45 mg

You can drink these any time of day because it makes you feel calm, relaxed and less anxious. It is a replacement for a nightly cocktail. It has 0 calories versus alcohol and mixers’ calories.

Mary Michelle Sparkling Raspberry is reminiscent of a fine wine tasting, in that you taste the fruit forward Raspberry with no hint of Hemp, leaving a full flavor taste of only natural fruit. Pleasing and enjoyable on the palate. Clean, natural, and refreshing.

Lab Reports for Sparkling Water and Ingredients
COA Sparkling Raspberry
COA Sparkling Water Plant Shake
COA Sparkling Distillate Oil
COA Sparkling Water Xtraction