How Long Should I Wait for Full Spectrum Hemp Oil to Work?

Some people report the first effects within minutes after consuming Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, whereas for others, it may take up to an hour until they can feel the difference.

Where does that disparity come from?

That’s because Full Spectrum Hemp Oilhas a different onset depending on how you consume it.

Below we outline the most common forms of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and compare the time required for the effects to kick in.

Sublingual Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (Oil Drops, Tinctures)
Sublingual Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, such as tinctures, act relatively fast. When using those, you squeeze out the desired amount of oil with a glass dropper and apply it under the tongue. Once there, you hold it for up to 90 seconds, and swallow.

The oil gets absorbed through a complex network of blood vessels that transfer Full Spectrum Hemp Oil into the bloodstream allowing it to avoid the digestive system. Usually, the effects of sublingual Full Spectrum Hemp Oil come within 15–30 minutes after administration.

Topical Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (Creams, Lotions, Balms)
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil creams, gels, and lotions have made big headlines in the skincare market thanks to their effectiveness in relieving inflammation, pain, and revitalizing the skin. It’s a smart way to deliver Full Spectrum Hemp Oil into your system without ingesting it directly. Topicals are applied to the specific area of the skin to help the user fight localized problems. When you rub Full Spectrum Hemp Oil into the skin, it engages with CB2 cannabinoid receptors in its deeper layers, providing a range of therapeutic effects. This method requires Full Spectrum Hemp Oil to pass through the pores to reach your system. The onset of their effects may vary from 10 to 90 minutes depending on the user.

Oral Dull Spectrum Hemp Oil (Capsules, Edibles)
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil capsules offer an easy and convenient way to take your daily dose of cannabidiol. If you’re not into encapsulated supplements, you can also try Full Spectrum Hemp Oil edibles, which are the new trend on the market — especially the gummies. Not only that, but Full Spectrum Hemp Oil can be infused into shakes, cookies, dressings, or even pet treats.

Edibles and capsules are taken orally, meaning they need to pass through the digestive system before they can enter the bloodstream. Therefore, this form of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil has a delayed onset. The effects may come in 20 minutes, but the waiting time can get as long as 90 minutes depending on your weight, metabolism, and whether you take Full Spectrum Hemp Oil along with a meal or on an empty stomach.

Vaporized Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (CBD Vape Oil, Concentrates)
Vaporization is by far the most efficient way to consume Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. It combines the quickest onset with the highest amount of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil that gets delivered to your system. You can experience the effects of vaporized Full Spectrum Hemp Oil within minutes after inhalation; Full Spectrum Hemp Oil vapes also have the highest bioavailability of all consumption methods, ensuring that up to 56% of the inhaled content makes it to the bloodstream.