How to Use Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Creams and Lotions

It’s always best to read the instructions on the package before using any Full Spectrum Hemp Oil cream or lotion. However, in general, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil creams and lotions are meant to be applied topically and massaged into the skin.

Have arthritis in your hands? Rub the Full Spectrum cream or lotion onto your hands, focusing on the painful joints. If a product contains ingredients specific for pain relief, like menthol or arnica, you might feel cooling or warming sensations. Start with a small application in case those sensations bother you.

Patch test the product by applying a little to the inside of your wrist and waiting to see if you experience any irritation. Even the most natural products can cause irritation in people with very sensitive skin.

Keep Full Spectrum Hemp Oil cream or lotion away from mucus membranes and broken skin.

A 2017 research review Trusted Source showed that Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is generally safe to use.

Most topicals are for external use only, so you shouldn’t ingest them unless the packaging says it’s safe to do so.

If you have any sores or open wounds, wait to apply Full Spectrum hemp Oil cream. Many products shouldn’t be used on broken skin.

How long does it take for Full Spectrum Hemp Oil cream to work?
It depends on the person, but generally between 15 to 30 minutes.

Can I rub Full Spectrum Hemp Oil on my skin?
Yes. Full Spectrum Hemp Oils meant to be taken orally can also be rubbed into the skin. Just make sure to read the ingredient list for any irritants before you apply oils directly to the skin.

And keep in mind that you can apply some Full Spectrum Hemp Oil to the skin, but you shouldn’t ingest products meant specifically for the skin.

For the best results possible, pick a potent, full-spectrum hemp oil cream from a reputable company that sources quality, organic ingredients. Remember that the most reputable Full Spectrum Hemp Oil brands are transparent about their products — including clear descriptions on their website about where products are grown and how they’re processed. Talk with your doctor before trying Full Spectrum Hemp Oil.